Recently, I Opened My Publication to Authors; Here’s What Happened

Strangely enough, nothing

3 min readMay 27, 2024
Quality. Image credit: Geralt on Pixabay.

What happened? Nothing, that’s what.

I received no requests from authors to join my publication. Today another new publication owner received many. In light of this peculiar contrast, my Submissions page will be updated today. I only saw two minor differences between that publication owner’s submissions request and mine: 1) that they don’t claim to have a review process. However, it’s only logical they have one, even so. Then, 2) their way of accepting authors was to invite them to add their names to their Submissions page comments list. We can use that approach if you prefer.


I will review articles and make this clear. You see, on any platform, some write the odd fantastic article and some weak ones. I need to avoid publishing everything someone writes; hence, sometimes you may submit one that will be rejected. It’s not a problem, as you still have it published to your stream.

Why do some think that the submission process is so complicated? You’ve already written it! All you do is click submit.

The Window on the World publication will be outstanding. Write with me, and let’s cultivate it to be among the best. If you are the kind…